A Word About Confidentiality When Selling my Business

We understand the sensitivity of taking your company to market as well as the risk of disseminating information about your business.  It is a balancing act.

Certain information in the wrong hands could damage your relationships with customers, supplier and employees.  On the other hand, buyers need information so that they can determine what price to offer you for your business.

Our multi-step process is designed to disclose your sensitive business information only to those buyers that have expressed a bona fide interest and who have a proven ability to execute a transaction (buy your business).

We go even further and sanitize the information when warranted.  For example, a buyer may ask for sales figures for your top 10 customers.  From our experience, we know the buyer is evaluating your customer concentration. The buyer needs this information to determine a purchase price.  But rather than naming your customers, we will provide the buyer with a list of codes instead of customer names so the buyer cannot identify your customers. This way the buyer gets the information it needs, and the identity of your customers is not disclosed.

Maintaining confidentiality while providing buyers with the information they need is an art.  We will manage the information exchange to effectively protect your business while at the same time providing buyers the information they need to make the best offer.

What steps does Turning Point Advisors take to ensure confidentiality?

  • No information about your business is disclosed, including its name is disclosed until we have a signed confidentiality agreement, screened the prospective buyer and determined that the buyer is qualified and serious about buyer your business.
  • Executive Summaries and other marketing materials are written so that the reader cannot identify your company.
  • We bypass your employees or mask our identities.
  • We manage the sale process so that your employees, customers and vendors do not know until the last possible moment.
  • We watermark each Confidential Information Memorandum so that the recipient cannot pass them on.
  • We limited the amount of information given to any screened prospective buyer leaving the detailed information exchange until you have selected one buyer.
  • All materials, descriptions, financial statements and marketing materials are pre-approved by the business owner.