Monthly Archive: January 2021

The Value of Physical Therapy Practices: When is the right time to sell your practice?

The start of a new year typically inspires resolutions.  Given the challenges of the past year those resolutions may revolve more around spending time with loved ones or contemplating the future of your therapy practice.  Now on top of those challenges, as an owner of a physical therapy practice you are faced with an average reduction of 3.6% in Medicare payments effective January 1, 2021….
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Investors Seek Out Radiology Practices: Why it is a great time to look into selling your practice

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, Radiology practices had emerged as a leading target for many investors in the United States. Similar to other physician organizations, including group practices in Dermatology and Ophthalmology, a radiology practice offers significant opportunities to investors as it relates to scalability and roll-up potential. Money is flowing into these opportunities for acquiring Radiology practices and creating some of the highest valuations…
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