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The Value of Physical Therapy Practices: When is the right time to sell your practice?

The start of a new year typically inspires resolutions.  Given the challenges of the past year those resolutions may revolve more around spending time with loved ones or contemplating the future of your therapy practice.  Now on top of those challenges, as an owner of a physical therapy practice you are faced with an average reduction of 3.6% in Medicare payments effective January 1, 2021….
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How to Build Strength Today in Your Company Through Exit Strategy Planning

We reach out too many business owners about the value exit strategy planning can add to their businesses today and many are very hesitant to even think about exit strategy planning.  It is often that we get responses like these: Selling the company is not something I am ready to think about I am too busy to put time into something that is so far…
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Hold or Sell? A Bird in the Hand

Sell or Hold

Summary – Holding on to your business for an extended period of time will usually not give you the same financial reward as selling.  This article addresses the fallacy that holding a business for the number of years equal to a multiple of EBTIDA will net a business owner the same amount of cash after taxes.  The numbers don’t lie and the truth is that…
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