The Turning Point Advisors Difference

Why Choose Turning Point Advisors To Help Sell A Business? Won't Any Business Broker or Investment Banker Do?

We Put The Owner(s) First When Selling A Business

Selling a business is a very personal experience. Many business brokers and investment bankers see you and selling your business simply as a fee. Don’t you deserve someone to help sell your business who puts your goals and needs first?  Turning Point Advisors thinks you do.

Others may see you and selling your business simply as a fee – a job to get done. We see you as a person taking a very important step – selling a business is an important part of your life. We believe that you deserve the attention of our experienced team who really care about you and your goals. We will not pass you off to inexperienced staff members. Instead, our experienced team will work with you throughout the entire process of selling your business.

We will listen to you every step of the way– your wants, needs and goals. Then we will develop and execute a strategy for selling your business so that you achieve your goals.

We fill the gap when you sell a business

We recognize that this is likely your first time selling a business. Your key advisors – your attorneys and accountants - are only involved in your business on an as needed basis. This leaves a huge gap when it comes time for you to plan the sale of your business and successfully executing that plan. Up until now you have had two choices to fill that gap: The “Main Street” Business Brokers and “Wall Street” Investment Bankers. Now there is a third choice: Turning Point Advisors.

CHOICE 1: Business Brokers

“Main Street” business brokers are similar to a real estate brokers.

Business brokers list smaller businesses in newspapers and internet databases similar to the real estate MLS system. You will very likely be the big fish in the small business broker pond.

Business brokers are not proactive – business brokers don’t turn over every rock for you. The typical business broker also lacks the experience and resources to get you the best price on the best terms. While business brokers provide a necessary service, the business broker ”MLS” approach is often not the right fit for profitable businesses. Why? Because a proactive approach will likely yield a number of qualified strategic and financial buyers resulting in a higher selling price on your terms.

CHOICE 2: Investment Bankers

“Wall Street” investment bankers, unlike the typical business broker, generally use sophisticated tools to implement a proactive approach to selling a business. They generally focus on large businesses and lack experience working with business owners whose businesses constitute a substantial portion of their net worth. You will very likely be a small fish in the big investment banker pond.

Investment Bankers lack experience working with buyers of privately held businesses. This makes you a small fish in a large pond without an advisor who understands your life, business, goals and your potential buyers.

YOUR BEST CHOICE: Turning Point Advisors

Unlike a typical business broker we will not wait for buyers to come to us. Instead, we will proactively identify and contact prospective buyers for your business. Like investment bankers, we will use sophisticated tools and strategies to help you sell your business for the best price on the best terms. But unlike investment bankers, we focus only on privately held business owners like you. You get the best of both worlds.

Add to this our wealth of experience. Our team has worked with many privately-held business owners like you in the legal, accounting and consulting fields. They have also owned, operated, invested in and sold privately held businesses.

What does this mean for you? It means that unlike the typical business broker or investment banker, we see the process of selling a business as a life event for our clients – not just a job to get done. You will get the benefit of an experienced team with broad experience and a unique insight giving you a significant edge over the typical business broker or investment banker when it comes to selling a business.

If you want experienced, personal attention coupled with sophisticated business sale strategies specifically tailored for you, Turning Point Advisors is your choice.