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Corporate Acquisitions

Company founders, shareholders, business and division managers and private equity groups seeking to expand through acquisition look to Turning Point Advisors to implement their strategic acquisition objectives.

We know the questions that you face:

  • What are the proper criteria for finding suitable acquisition targets?
  • How do you find good opportunities?
  • Who are the right strategic partners for your business?
  • How do you avoid unpleasant surprises post-acquisition?

Corporate AcquisitionsWe'll help you answer these questions. And then, we'll work with you to develop an acquisition strategy, identify and screen potential targets, determine value, and navigate the complex acquisition process. Our proven process, individually tailored for each client, allows us to identify targets that will optimally achieve their strategic corporate development objectives.

Acquisitions are complex and time consuming. A streamlined, efficient process is the key to keeping your executive management team focused on your core business. We'll identify and screen targets to ensure that valuable executive team resources are not wasted chasing down blind alleys. We will then provide critical assistance with diligence, negotiations and seller relationships to ensure that your acquisition is successfully closed.

The result: a successful, strategic acquisition efficiently executed.




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