Selling a business is a key turning point in your life. Turning Point Advisors’ experience and perspective is unique among business brokers. We put your interests first and take the responsibility of selling your business very seriously. You deserve to sell your business for the best price on the best terms. Using our unique experience, creativity and solid perspective, we will help you reach your goals guiding you from the start of the process through closing.

Selling Your Business is Our Business

Planning Your Exit

Planning your exit is a way to strengthen your company today and add value for the future. You have worked hard and made sacrifices to build your business, we think that you deserve to sell your business on your terms, not someone else’s terms.

Selling Your Business

Every business owner wants to be rewarded for the years of hard work.  There is only one way to sell a business – The Right Way: Find the right buyer at the right time in the right circumstance who is ready to make the right deal.

When To Sell

Selling a business is like developing and executing a well-crafted game plan. A part of any good game plan is knowing when to execute a particular play. The same goes when it comes to selling a business – timing is everything.

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